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Photo info: Lugo Parts & Restoration Truck Show 2013
Photo by Will Keller

Hello NAPCO Nuts!

Pee-Wee here, today is meaningful for me as this will be my last post as your NAPCO Owners Group President of 16 years. I can only count my blessings of being a member since 1998 when Kevin Pennell, Keith Hibbits and Pat Wilson started everything at Yahoo Groups then handed it all over to me. Boy what a job, a tough, fun job!! I wish to thank you ALL for the honor and privilege entrusted in me as your president and for that I feel very grateful. Thank you to every single member for all of your help and support, each contribution large or small helps us continue to roll into the future strong. I'd like to personally thank Omar Lugo of Lugo Parts Restoration for being our 1st sponsor in my beginning for 7 fun years! Also a big huge thank you to Mark Noakes for sharing his time to help me manage the forum, he helped out a lot behind the scenes.

I will be handing the keys over to Aaron Harris of Vintage NAPCO 4x4s of America, a great guy with a lot of ambition that will continue to move us forward into a bright future. And Aaron, I have no doubt that you will exceed the expectations of all of us NAPCO Owners Group members. I will still be in the background for assistance if needed. So, we all should support him because our NAPCO club still has plenty of room for growth and improvement.

As outgoing President, I encourage everybody to work together, be active and to look forward to lots of fulfilling, fun years ahead in our community of NAPCO admirers. Let us all now support Arron Harris, our new leader of all of us NAPCO Nuts!!!

God bless, be safe!! NAPCO FOREVER!!!

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